Your potential customers use mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, essentially you’re not customer friendly.


Are you mobile responsive check here >Mobile Friendly Test<


If a customer struggles often enough with your website on their device, pinching and zooming to get the information they are looking for it will hurt their opinion of your business. A business that has a poor online user experience is viewed as a business that probably doesn’t care about its customers. Building loyalty can start from as early as a customer using your website. You will most likely lose them to your competition as it’s quicker to find a working alternative.

Responsive design could open a door to increased online sales and greater overall revenue. Responsive website design is not a luxury, it’s a essential part of owning a successful Bed and Breakfast. You don’t have to go broke to create a website, start now with a FREE website review or quick quote just Contact UsWith the potential for increased sales its a no brainer.

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