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How to Increase Direct Bookings with Digital Marketing


In my experience accommodation providers usually have some of the digital marketing practices in place, but they are not working in unison or are unrelated to the booking process. I have seen websites from the most successful hotels still making basic and vital mistakes, so while their conversions are high they could always be higher. This book is not a quick fix solution to increase direct bookings, if you are expecting an overnight impact you may be disappointed. What you will learn are practical tips you can apply to your digital marketing strategy all contributing to increasing direct bookings.


  • OTA vs Hotels – We explain in depth, the advantages and disadvantages of booking directly with you the hotel and through an OTA, to help put you into the mind set of the customer.

  • The Travellers Journey – Today, travellers have so many touch points with hotels, more than ever before. From the moment they decide to travel until after they’ve returned home and it’s a cycle that is constantly evolving. The more you understand it the more you can identify opportunities to reach them at any given stage to influence their booking decision.

  • Digital Marketing – We explain the main aspects of Digital Marketing and lay out where they come into play at each stage of the travellers journey.

  • Examples of what Keywords to use at each stage of the booking cycle… just copy, paste, and tweak them to fit your hotel & customer profile!


Firstly, let me lay this on the line…I am not, and do not profess to be any sort of business or marketing guru. I do not hold a business degree and I am not here to tell you how to run your business – in many cases, your livelihood – believe me, you’ve got this.

What I do have though, is nearly ten years of experience working with the hospitality industry, a passion for development and a creative streak that I have been missing in my daily work life since leaving university. This, combined with a proven success rate in increasing hotel direct booking rates for hotels and B&Bs, means I have noticed a bit of a gap in support for accommodation owners, revenue managers / directors and with this book it’s time to roll these concepts out the masses….

Warren Ffolkes, Founder and Director of Intuitive Web Design


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