Email campaigns are a dime a dozen, but they remain in play because they’re effective. In fact, many of our clients see some great direct returns from email campaigns, even campaigns that aren’t necessarily focused on room nights like newsletters, for example.

Emails are a great way to capture room nights for key need times. For instance, you might determine that you have some weekday availability over the next few months. Sending an email with a mid-week promotion could help fill some of those need times. One of our clients recently sent such an email with great results. They captured nine direct bookings and 12 assisted bookings by sending to a list of about 3,000 previous guests!

Our recommendation would be to figure out your need times, then craft email campaigns to help fill some of those times. Your messaging should be direct and try to limit the content of the email itself; the goal is to get the user over to your site to convert.

Typically, sending your email to previous guests yields the highest conversions, but you should try other lists as well. Online contests, for instance, are a great way to build a qualified email database. But, however you choose to approach, just make sure you approach email marketing in a strategic way.

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