5 Tips to Improve your Website Homepage

The saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This means your homepage is the most important as it has to say everything about business and capture the potential guest in a matter of seconds. Below are 5 Tips for Bed and Breakfast or Hotel owners to Improve your Website Homepage.

Before you checkout the tips evaluate your homepage now with our Homepage checklist!!!


The majority of traffic to your website will go through your homepage and if you want visitors to book direct with you then its essential to optimise your home page to achieve your goal for your website.

If you don’t yet have a goal for your homepage our advice would be to get cracking and create one right now, then start optimising and testing your page so you can evaluate if you are achieving your goals.

1. Have a clear Call to action

You should know the most important action you want visitors to your website to take? If the aim is to get visitors to book a stay with you, your call to action (CTA) button should be clear and stand out among any other buttons on your page.

For more on CTA see: 5 Tips to Improve your Bed and Breakfast Website Booking Conversion


2. Put the most important information “above the fold” on your website.

Make sure your visitor’s eyes are directed to exactly what you want them to see. Above the fold changes depending on the device your visitor is viewing from. So firstly your website will need to be mobile responsive, then we recommend having the following information in view

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • CTA Button
  • Menu
  • Hi resolution image of your property


3. Put the most important information you want visitors to read at the top and bottom of your page.

Most of the time people visiting your site will read the header and footer and typically only skim the middle. As above it is important to have key information in these areas. Many accommodation websites under utilise the footer area. You can use it to link to recent blog posts, to show credentials or awards, FAQ’s, terms and conditions or a map of your location.


Get The Ultimate Hotel and B&B Homepage Checklist


4. Have hi-resolution images on your homepage

Making a visual impact can be the difference if someone stay on your site or goes to a competitor who has utilised professional photography or high quality images. Images can also be a great way to break up text content and to also bring the customer into your world.

If your unable to take high quality images yourself you should invest in a photographer as quality images are a must.

[fusion_tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”yes” shadowopacity=”0.1″ border=”” bordercolor=”#f66876″ highlightposition=”top” content_alignment=”center” link=”” linktarget=”_self” modal=”” button_size=”” button_shape=”” button_type=”” buttoncolor=”” button=”” title=”” description=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” class=”” id=””]According to Leonardo.com properties with 30 or more images received 41% more engagement than those with less.[/fusion_tagline_box]

5. Your home page should show of your USP’s (unique selling point)

Why should visitors to your site be buying from you? If its your location then show where your located and shout about how close you are to the main attraction of your city or how short the walk is to the centre of town. Whatever your USP is visitors should be made aware of it, as its what sets you apart from your competitors.

We hope these 5 Tips to Improve your Bed and Breakfast, Hotel Website Home Page were helpful. Let us know in the comments how many you will or already have implemented.